The Urantia Book

To date there have been five epochal revelations given to our planet, and The Urantia Book is the first one-tenth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  An epochal revelation is a revelation of expanded cosmic truths given to assist in the spiritual advancement of the races of the world.  This is a normal part of the evolutionary process of the evolving worlds of time and space, and the epochal revelation is given at the consciousness level of the higher-consciousness people of the world at the times it is brought through. 

The URANTIA Book was authored by various celestial personalities who are part of the Divine Administration of Urantia (Earth), and was given through the process of an unknown inter-dimensional communication to a sleeping vessel, over a period of about thirty years in the early 1900’s to 1934.  The URANTIA Book reveals information about the Creator and the various aspects of Deity, the cosmology of the Master Universe, the history of our world, and the true personality and mission of the cosmic Christ in the following four sections:
Part I: The Central and Superuniverses
Part II: The Local Universe
Part III: The History of Urantia
Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation

Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) is found in The Cosmic Family volumes which are being brought through the Audio Fusion Material Complement, Gabriel of Urantia.  CFER is the continuation of The URANTIA Book revelation.  The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 begins with Paper 197 where The URANTIA Book leaves off.  CFER teaches about Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, giving new terminology and an expanded understanding of the different types of souls, their point of origin from other universes, their destiny purpose, the Adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star, and establishing Divine Administration on Urantia (Earth).

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