Gabriel of Urantia

Radical Unity

Another term coined by Van/Gabriel or Urantia/TaliasVan is “Radical Unity”, first taught in the early 1990s.  He believes we must come together as world citizens and brothers and sisters in “Radical Unity”, throwing out all dogmas and doctrines that separate us, and recognizing that we are all ascending sons and daughters of the same Creator.  Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan teaches “One Creator, One Planetary Family”.

The Be Aware movement has fused with the Spiritualution℠—Justice to the People movement to promote Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan’s concept of Radical Unity and call for higher tolerance and greater understanding among the peoples of the world.  It is a cry for everyone to leave jobs with companies that are destructive to the environment and people, to lay down their weapons and refuse to participate in war, to leave religions that divide people, and to come together to create communities founded in Divine Administration principles, grow their own food, and live in a more sustainable, peaceful way. What seems to be idealistic concepts, are common principles and common sense in higher worlds of time and space, and it is the way of life for the 100+ people in Divine Administration.