Past Lives and Older Souls

Many cultures and religions believe in past lives and understand that some people are older souls than others.  Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation teaches the concept of “repersonalization” (which is different from reincarnation) and refers to these souls who have lived before as “starseed”.   Most of these starseed have had other lives on this world, but had their first life on another planet in another universe.  It is these starseed who have been the vanguards; the activists, artists and poets; the leaders of renaissances; the bohemians and free-thinkers; the rabble-rousers and rebels throughout history. To learn about more starseed types, read The Cosmic Family, Volume 1.

These starseed have often lived outside of mainstream society and not wanted to conform to the status quo.  Their astral experience gives them the potential for greater depth of understanding and they often reject social mores established by new souls with more limited perspectives. There are many levels of starseed.

Starseed all over the planet are being called to take on higher responsibility to help bring Urantia into divine pattern and the first stage of light and life.  Many starseed have used their soul experience and acquired life skills for selfish gain or mere survival; not really understanding who they are or why they are here.  Now, under the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star held by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase, these starseed are being called to use their talents, soul experience and insight to serve humanity, and to take on higher accountability for the rehabilitation of themselves, the planet, and its people. But mostly, these starseed are being called to find their original cosmic family. This reality is only happening within Divine Administration.