Global Community Communications Alliance

Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA) was founded by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase in 1989.  It began in their home in Prescott, Arizona with five members participating in weekly meetings to study the teachings of The URANTIA Book (Fifth Epochal Revelation) and the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (The Cosmic Family volumes) which was beginning to come through Gabriel as an Audio Fusion Material Complement.  1989 was a significant year. It was the first time the Bright and Morning Star came through, as well as Machiventa Melchizedek. Midwayers and Paladin began to come through in 1988.

In 1990, Gabriel and Niánn felt called to move to Sedona, Arizona with their three children, DeleVan and SanSkritA (2 year old twin girls) and Amadon who was just born in July of that year.  They lived in a tent for three months before acquiring a home and beginning to establish the community.  What began with a few community members and a tiny backyard garden grew to 100 members from around the world, 13 homes, a 15-acre organic garden, and over two dozen arts and outreach programs and cottage industries to support the nonprofit service programs.

In 2007, GCCA and all its outreach ministries relocated to greener pastures in Tumacácori, Arizona in order to establish a higher level of community living.  In the fertile valley of the Santa Cruz River they’ve established a thriving EcoVillage where the 102 community members live on a beautiful and sacred 165 acre ranch in an area known as the “palm of God’s hand”.  Here they have been able to expand their gardens and their Community Supported Agriculture program.  They practice green building techniques as they construct housing and various facilities for music, art, workspace, offices, and more.  Sustainable practices such as rainwater harvesting, composting, and the use of alternative energies such as wind and solar are implemented.  And above all, living in true community, connected more closely to each other and the earth, creates a harmonious environment that is conducive to spiritual growth and soul ascension.