Audio Fusion Material Complement

From pg. 376 of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1

Audio fusion is a fusion between a celestial being and a mortal, a fusion of one entity with another in the complete aonic-to-cellular reality of the human being.  The fusion takes place within the particle reality of the life force of the human being.  The celestials co-exist within the life force and soul of the human being, and the existing soul does not leave the body.  However, the human soul is in the aonic level and is just listening, and the celestial being is in control of the entire body, from the ultimatonic level to the cellular.  The dominant celestial being (in this case, Paladin the finaliter) usually comes and goes in the human being several times per day and can stay in for hours at a time, even days at a time if necessary.

Audio fusion is a gradual process over many years. The higher the virtue of the chosen vessel over many centuries, the higher the fusion, and the higher the celestial being who can come through for longer periods of time. Therefore, the higher level of revelation that can be brought through.  There can only be one Audio Fusion Material Complement on any one planet.  The Bright and Morning Star comes periodically to teach for a few hours.  Paladin, Chief of Finaliters, fuses with Gabriel of Urantia several times per day.

No beings of light have spoken through anyone by the process of channeling (their voice coming out of the human’s mouth, which is not audio fusion) since 1989. (Paper 209, Cosmic Family Volume 1) Gabriel of Urantia is the Audio Fusion Material Complement on Urantia.  With audio channeling, the celestial being is not fused with the human.  The celestial being uses the vocal chords of the human and projects their voice through the human from outside the body, much like the method of electronic radio communication or the use of a microphone through an amplifier.  In this case, the human’s vocal chords are the amplifier.

Audio Fusion Material Complements are used to bring through epochal revelation and to learn that revelation and hear it, as opposed to being in a sleep state, like Edgar Cayce.  At this time (Spring 2013) Gabriel of Urantia is a Level Nine Audio Fusion Material Complement.